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Biggest secret of relocation

One of the most difficult tasks anyone could have is moving from one accommodation to another. The thought of packing your stuff from one place to another requires several hours of planning, efforts and dedication to see the job done. Besides, if you don’t have the necessary experience, the entire relocation process can still easily get out of hand. You could damage some of your things in the process of moving them, or you get tired. This is why it is advised that you hire professional movers for such tasks.

With experts in charge of your relocation process, you would rest assured, that your belongings are safe and would be carefully moved.  However, people who are looking to hire professional movers for the first time are always bothered with questions regarding the cost and the safety of the items they will be moving.

If you belong to that category, we are here to help you manage your worries – here are five reasons you should hire professional movers to move your things:


Relocating from one apartment is not an easy task, especially when you have a short time to plan and move. You might be required to take several days off work to pack the stuff, move them to the new house and more days to unpack and set up your new apartment. It is almost impossible to find an employer that will be magnanimous enough to give you several days off work without recourse.

If you are lucky to have an employer that will give you paid leave, you will still have to worry about the stress of packing and unpacking. Even if you are self-employed, your business will still suffer a lack of attention and you will inevitably lose money. Asides the money you will lose, you will have to pay the truck owner and other expenses you will incur while moving.

However, if you entrust this important task to professional movers, not only will it save you the time you would use to pack and unpack, you will also be eradicating the risk of hurting yourself and damaging your valuables during your move which could cost you a lot than hiring movers.

Also, you will save cost by significantly reducing the amount of money you would have spent on renting trucks, packing materials and boxes.

No stress

Last year, when I was moving from my old apartment to the new one, the most difficult decision I had to make was deciding when to start packing my things and getting them ready for the truck that was going to pick them up. I had just finished negotiating with the truck owner and the price was way above what I had expected, but then, I thought I had no other options.

When I could no longer handle the stress, I was forced to tell a colleague at work who recommended that I hire professional movers to relieve myself of the stress. The problem was to find the perfect moving company in Lagos that I can trust with the task. After a protracted search, I settled with Atlas Relocators. Well, as they say, the rest is history.

They took care of everything from handling the fragile items to packing and keeping all my belongings safely to my new destination. I had time to concentrate at work and do all other things I did not have time for when I was the one planning the relocation.


If you have a tight schedule, it might take a longer time for you to plan and successfully mover your belongings from one place to another – relocation is time-consuming. However, if you hire experts to do that for you, your schedule will not be disrupted and they will facilitate your relocation as soon as possible.

Storage service

Imagine if you sought the help of your friends to help you pack your belongings. You successfully load the truck and your friends followed you so they can help you unpack at your new place. Along the line, you run into traffic and its taking like forever before you arrive at your destination.

Two things will most likely happen; your friends might leave you to it and return to other things they ought to have done or you might have to pay the truck owner for the extra time – which is not your fault, but who cares?

If you hire professional movers, they always make plans for unforeseen circumstances. They usually have storage facilities where they can securely keep your belongings in an event that it is impossible to move them into your new house immediately.


Another important advantage of hiring professional movers is that they adapt their expertise to use. You will not have to worry about anything as they will be around to guide you through the process – judging from my experience with Atlas Relocators though.

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